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1. Can I extend my smart home features, if I implement basic package?

Definitely, Climatify IOT Hub helps you to expand your smart home features from basics to advance.
Our Climatify consulting team will sit with you and understand your needs, budget and timing to implement the best-in-class home automation solution.

2. What all technologies and type of devices do Climatify support for smart home automation?

We support ZigBee, Z-Wave, EnOcean and Insteon technology and all devices which support these technologies plus bluetooth-enabled devices.
For more details, please refer to our Technology section

3. Generally how long does it take to implement smart home automation solution?

It depends on your real purpose, budget and time-horizon. Market is full of smart devices and many smart home solutions try to push for big-bang approach.
Whereas Climatify consulting team, carry out due diligence exercise with customer and propose what suits best for the customer, so that value of smart home is realized upfront
Typically, safety & security package for 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 BHK apartments take 3-8 days of implementation, whereas Deluxe package duration can extend upto 1 to 2 months duration

4. How is the warranty support work?

Climatify provide 1 year free warranty support for all devices and services irrespective of the chosen packages.
Post first year, customers can opt for Annual Maintenance Fee or Lifetime service fee.
The AMF or LSF are optional and can be discussed and agreed by both the parties
If customer does not opt for AMS or LSF, any issues or service request will be chargeable

5. What all voice-enabled devices Climatify smart home automation solution support?

We support Amazon Alexa and Google Home products

6. I already have Alexa or Google Home, can it be integrated with the Climatify IOT Hub?

Yes, and most importantly, the activity of integration with the hub and devices are not separately charged but as value-added service for our customers

7.If I move out from my old house where I already implemented Smart Home Solution to a new house, can the package be implemented to the new home and what will be the charge for it?

In this case, we only charge for the installation

8. How I should raise any issue or any service request?

Pleae visit our Raise Ticket section to provide complete details. Our Tech Support team will get back to you to support on the issue.
You can also call at to get instant help

9. If there is an issue with the device or device is damaged, how to rectify the same?

Climatify make sure that all devices are tested and thoroughly passed all scenarios pertaining to home automation usage.
However, in case, device is not working or not responding, you can raise the ticket with the order number, device details and if possible picture with the issue. Our technical team will first try to resolve via call.
Kindly note that shippping cost of the device/s are to be borne by the user. Also it is to be noted that Climatify is not responsible for damaged shipment.
Climatify will provide shipping details for you to track the delivery.

If the device is damaged because of mishandling or not following the warranty card or user instructions, Climatify is not responsible for the replacement of the device. Nevertheless, Customer can order the device explicitly by raising a ticket or call

10. Are these devices manufactured by you or are you the wholesale distributor for the devices?

Climatify only manufacture the IoT hub and develop and regularly updates the Climatify software, which we call SHIfT (Smart Home Interface Technology)
We are devices-agnostic and wireless/wired communication agnostic company. We believe in open protocol integration and hence we can integrate all devices which support ZigBee, Z-Wave, Insteon and EnOcean protocols.

11. I am very worried about data security and vulnerability of data exposure. How Climatify make sure that my home is not hackable?

This is one of the topmost categorical question about home devices security. Climatify Software Development team consist of members from anti-hacking group and proven cases where the solution is unhackable.

12. I am a Real Estate Developer. How can I try this as first hand experience? How can I Scale it Up?

Climatify implemented multiple projects in coordination with key real estate developers across globe.
The way we approach is in a very systematic and time-bound result-oriented manner. Our consulting team do brain storming with the Real Estate Developer onsite team and understand the project layout, floor plans, duration, features etc.

Post model flat experience, Climatify and Real Estate Developer team, choke out a plan of execution for the project. We do phase-by-phase manner and we make sure that when the handover of the flats happen, customer should get key and the app URL to simply start using the smart home features from Day 1.

13. Is there any experience center of Climatify where I can visit and experience the same?

Yes we do have experience center at Delhi and Gurugram. We are working at Bangalore city for our next experience center

14. Can smart home solution control of old ACs temperatures, Geysers, Water Tanks, Solar Panels which are generally not supporting latest IoT technology

Yes, Climatify IoT Hub can integrate with old AC and can allow users to control temperature via app or voice
Similarly, controlling geysers, water tanks, solar panels ON/OFF and setting fixed duration, are also some of the features which are supported

Kindly note that Climatify motto is Refining Climate, we always believe and implement solution where we can save energy, reduce natural resources and utilize optimal resources

15. Is there any partnership opportunity with Climatify? If yes, who all can be partnered with Climatify?

Climatify believes in open ecosystem and believes in mutual growth. If you are an Architect, a electrical/electronics distributor, real estate developers,real estate marketing and selling company, Interior Designer,
you are always welcome to be our partner. The best part is there no partnership fees and both the parties can nurture and reap the beneits through this engagement.