The EnOcean technology is an energy harvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems, and is also applied to other applications in industry, transportation, logistics and smart homes. Modules based on EnOcean technology combine micro energy converters with ultra low power electronics, and enable wireless communications between batteryless wireless sensors, switches, controllers and gateways.

EnOcean Architecture

The EnOcean standard is unique in that it encourages the use of energy harvesting to maintain the operation. Accordingly there are several different areas of interest within the overall EnOcean system:

Energy harvesting:

One of the key elements of EnOcean is the ability to harvest local energy to power the remote devices. This overcomes key issues encountered by other systems. A number of energy harvesting systems are covered.

Radio Interface:

The radio interface has been designed to provide optimum data transfer over the required distances using very low power levels. This makes the overall system sustainable, even with very small amounts of energy harvesting.

Data layers:

The data needs to be transferred in an optimum way to ensure that the EnOcean system is able to provide robust communications.
The EnOcean standard for M2M, IoT style communications has many positive elements. Not only is it a low power transmission standard, but it also addresses the challenge of power by incorporating energy harvesting.