Who We Are

Who are we?

Climatify is primarily focused on providing end-to-end solution for smart home, hotel, hospitals, buildiings, schools and offices. Our IoT hub integrates seamlessly with all the devices around the asset and all these devices can be controlled and monitored via our user friendly app and voice-enabled supported devices.

Why we are different?

Climatify is first of its kind IoT solution provider, believing in open protocols.

This means that irrespective of what devices and technologies go in the backend, Climatify make sure that the integration of these devices along with controlling and monitoring should happen seamlessly.

This is the reason we support all kinds of IEEE approved communications between devices

Our unique pay as per use and warranty model is the key differentiator when it comes to smart automation as this brings confidence and reliability for our customers.

Plus our dedicated consulting team understands customer need and help them in adopting smart solution and higher usability in a stage-by-stage manner, instead of big-bang approach.